Artistic background:


Forest School Level 1  and Eco Building Courses.


Cowherd and the Weaver-Girl  Public installation for culture Liverpool / ACE.


Krewe Liverpool  The Mardi Gras Experience with LB & Mellowtone.


Bongo's Bingo  Set Design.

Tin Star  scenic painting and props for TV Crime drama by Rowan Joffé.

Freda Mo's  set design and outdoor refurb.


Discordia Exhibition  Director, Producer and Painter.

immersive hybrid gallery/theatre show with dance and piano recitals.


Elton John Official Video "Bennie And The Jets"  Co-Director


Live On Mars  Costume and Creative consultant

MéTéo-Dock  Liverpool Light Night 2016

Techno Tap  Liverpool Light Night 2016


Hex  winners of the Gi20 jury prize Hex Live video by Anna Levin


Whyte Horses

Sound Battle

Deborah  A video for James Canty

Where the Caterpillars Go:  https://vimeo.com/127309120

commissioned by Travelled Companions http://travelledcompanions.com/


The Harlequin Dynamite Marching Band https://harlequindynamiteband.co.uk/

The Aviary   feasts of fantasia

The Kronos Begins   A New Year's Eve Odissey


An experiment in filmmaking, "The Kronos Begins" is a fictitious sci-fi adventure based around a real New Year's Eve club

2012 - 2014:

Feasts of Fantasia


Atalonia  a descent to hollow earth

An immersive theatrical experience part-commissioned by AND Festival 2011. andfestival.org.uk


Kazimier Krunk Fiesta

Annual spanish themed party https://vimeo.com/45859273


Sing for your supper:  Sing For Your Supper are an alternative ambient pop quartet based in Liverpool consisting of Lucy Mercer (guitar, vocals), Hollie-Ann Coleman (trumpet), Martin Smith (trumpet) and Laura Brownhill (percussion).

Kazimier Records  launch independent record label


Factum Libero

Factum Libero was an event commissioned by Abandon Normal Devices (aka AND Festival) that took place at St. Peter's Church in Manchester. https://vimeo.com/25909233

Deconstruct  The Great Kazimier Carnival

The pallets were mixed and the picture was painted,

For The Great Kazimier Carnival came to pass.

It was a time for ceremonious celebration.

It was a place where Kazimier's past, present and future collided and unified.

So once more set the drums rolling and raise your flags high!


Krunk Band https://vimeo.com/17531187


The Kronos Returns NYE

The Kazimier Picture House Presents... "The Kronos Returns" 31.12.09

The Kazimier Club celebrates its second New Year's Eve with a moving image-themed night taking in such era defining classics as Charlie Chaplin, Jaws, Moulin Rouge, Saturday Night Fever, Michael Jackson's Thriller and a Metropolis-meets-Daft Punk inspired robot finale!



THE KAZIMIER:   thekazimier.co.uk  Co-founder, director and co-art director of The Kazimier artistic collective and performing arts and music venue. Specialising in multi media events and creating new environments from derylict spaces.


ART CIRCUS:  Co-founder of artist lead workshop scheme teaching shadow puppetry and film making to primary level curriculum, galleries and parent teacher groups, Oxford and Liverpool.


Tricky Jigsaw:  Co-founder and art director of Leeds student based community arts collective curating thematic events and exhibitions in alternative spaces.

Leeds School of Art and Design
BA(HONS) Visual Communication

Manchester Metropolitan University
Distinction Art Foundation Diploma