LB works as a freelance set designer creating and designing environments, and costumes for theatre, events and small scale performances.


Where Caterpillars Go is a Travelled Companions production for Children's theatre. Set designed By Laura Brownhill.

A thoughtful look at the cycle of life, explored within a garden where almost everything is made from paper. Watch seeds fly, fall and sprout, and shoots spiral and uncurl. Chase leaves and butterflies as they flutter by in this lively garden that pops up before your eyes!

Picture courtesy of Travelled Companions.

Choreographer: Jennifer Hale

Writer: Alison Down

Musical Director: Joe Hirons

Designer: Laura Brownhill

Lighting Designer: Phil Saunders

Director: Julie Kellington

Performers: Andy Frizell, Emma Hirons, Leila Chebbi


An artistic led theatrical dining experience created by LB designed to immerse the diner within a surreal environment and deliver a menu with visual presentation and taste concepts that create an overriding narrative. Served with choreographed presentations, exuberant costumes and musical accompaniment.

Picture by Sebastian Brueckner

Picture by Sebastian Brueckner


An immersive theatre experience co-created by LB and The Kazimier team, part commissioned by AND FESTIVAL 2011, consisting of large scale interactive sets, musical , choreographic and light show displays and performances.

Picture by Sebastian Brueckner

Atalonia tours takes a new step in human exploration, deep beyond travelled boundaries through the Earths crust down into a Hollow Earth.

Picture by Sebastian Brueckner


LB has taken part in the creation of James Canty's video as Set and Costume designer.

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Picture by Rob Godfrey

Picture by Rob Godfrey


LB has created props/ make-up and creative consultancy for various music videos including Daedelus and Spring King.:

Stealing Sheep - I Am The Rain - Assistant Props

Daedelus - Drawn Out - Album Teaser - Make Up