‘Discordia Exhibition’

Making sense of the chaos.

“In the beginning, surveying the formless chaos of inchoate matter and energy, Brahma felt confused and at sea. He had no idea how to fashion something out of that disorganised swirl. In desperation, he turned into himself and asked, “How can I create an ordered cosmos in the midst of this chaos?”
From within him, the Goddess spoke, “Through knowledge”, she said. “And from knowledge will come creative action”

Awakening Shakti by Sally Kempton

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 A distinctive new immersive show which blurs the realms of ‘art gallery’ and ‘theatre space’, fusing the disciplines of visual art, choreography and music composition.
Discordia explores the theme ‘Making sense of the chaos’, through the exploration of various cultural, philosophical and shamanic ideologies, inviting the audience to experience the varied meaning and perspectives of a collection of paintings within an audio-physical tapestry.

Initially an ensemble of painted images created as art therapy by award winning artist Laura Brownhill (original co founder of The Kazimier), collaboratively a multisensory happening, featuring bespoke new solo works in response to the visual stimulus from accomplished pianists, Nina Windsor Roe, Nick Smith and Jacques Malchance, professional dancers, Hollie-Anne Coleman, Maria Malone, and Onur Orkut, including sound design by multi talented music producer, Mario Aguilar Leal.
Duration: approx 90mins
Showtime: 7:30pm
Dates: 3/4/5/6 October 2018


‘Discordia Exhibition’ is an ever expanding discovery of new insights on our perceptions of ‘reality’ and our place in the universe, through ideas linking to various different cultures, philosophies, shamanic and spiritual practices, personal experiences, dreams and illusions.
Based on the supposition that creation and destruction are all part of the same process, resulting in pure chaos,’Discordia is an attempt to excite and unravel the knowledge that brings the chaos to balance.
Or indeed, it serves to provide the temporary lenses of order and disorder that we choose to view the chaos through”.
Laura Brownhill

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